Cracked LCD

You could replace the LCD easily.

There are only two things you need to repair it:

1. Self-confidence

2. Request a new LCD from us.

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You can replace the LCD on your own.

Here are steps to get it changed:

1. Take all the screws down.

2. Upside-down, jack up the LCD vertically and uniformly, then all modules will be pushed out, the light-sensor might get bent but it is OK.

3. Unlock the FPC socket connector and drag LCD out. Here is a video to show how to unlock.

4. Change the LCD with a new one, and lock the FPC socket back.

5. Power up VoltBot to see if the LCD fixed. If white screen shows, try redo step 3~4 to make sure the socket swallowed the FPC correctly.

6. Place the modules back, don’t forget the light-sensor should get through its hole. If you touched and removed the grease on touch-key, just ignore it. If you want to put some grease back, any types of grease are OK. But the amount of grease should be no more than a water drop because too much grease can spread and flow into LCD.

7. Screws back, Done.

If the LCD is cracked within two weeks after you received it, requesting a new LCD is free. Otherwise, we will have to charge you $5 for the LCD and $5(by post) $10(by express) for shipping.

We need some information, and you could send them to

1. A picture shows the defects. We need this just to know the issue and try to find improvement.

2. Address information, including name, country, address, telephone number, and zip code.

Then you could remit the money to via PayPal, and attach transaction ID or a screenshot of the transaction within the email.

We will deal with it within 24 hours after receiving the email.